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I am Laci Kobulsky and my passion is creativity. I love to experience new sensations and sharing them with other people, therefore photography and videography become point of my interest, since it provides easy way how to capture and share extraordinary moments in life.

I came to love kitesurfing and snowboarding thanks to its diversity and lifestyle associated with it. These sports help me to travel and connect to remarkable places around the world. During my career I had the privilege to work with world’s most influential athletes like Aaron Hadlow, Alby Rondina, Paula Novotna, Youri Zoon, Gisela Pulido & else. My latest project is a full-length kiteboarding documentary “Aaron Hadlow TWENTY”. 

My studies of marketing at Erasmus University in Netherlands taught me to understand customers’ needs and project them into my work. I want to create content that is wanted, viewed and loved!

If you are interested in my services, want to learn more, request my pricelist or make a booking, contact me at

You can buy my pics as digital downloads or prints at PICFAIR.


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While my profession is behind the camera, my hobby and passion are in front of the camera. In my free time I love snowboarding and kiteboarding, proud to have CRAZYFLY as my sponsor.

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